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Filo Elias is a unique luxury private holiday property on Kefalonia Island having two brand new elegant and stylish villas – Villa Oliva and Villa Mandorla – ready to welcome its guests in season of 2010. Owned by the posterity of the noble Migliaressi family, the property presents the local Greek tradition with sublime modesty and taste.

Filo Elias is ready to offer its guests an inimitable experience of Greece’s authentic life in the one amongst the most breathtaking islands of Ionian Sea. Located on the slopes of Karouza valley, it is hided from one’s curious eyes by the grove of ageless organic olive trees. This holiday property provides magnificent sea views in peaceful environment of stunning natural mountain beauty and brings a natural sense of undisturbed pleasure.

Unspoiled and uncommercialized beautiful island, wild sandy beaches…

Many places to explore nearby and within half an hour drive. Kefalonian village life is accessible at hand, providing insights into the island’s people life and history of this beautiful Ionian island. Sublime wine from the local continuous vineyards, fresh gourmet specialties and seasonal Greek festivities are here at your choice.

Filo Elias is an ideal base for your relaxed romantic, friendly or family holiday.

Come and share a moment. Have an olive.