Filo Elias –

Trip to Melisanni and Drogarati

Amongst the most significant geological phenomena that one can see on the island and a spectacle of inconceivable beauty is the cave of the Melisanni underground lake with wild pigeons launching from its depths as soon as the sun penetrates into them from the wide-open entrance holes, and shimmers on the quiet waters of the lake. Cave Drogarati is another spectacle with its red stalagmites and stalactites. For both places please take a road to Sami.

Local Vineyard

The Ionian islands would not be the same without wine and Kefalonia especially has a reputation for outstanding vintages, most notably from the unique Robola grape.
For the finest Greek vines of Kefalonia we recommend to visit:

Metaxa’s winery located at the southern part of the island. For a guided tour and wine tasting the winery is open for visitors from May to October, Monday to Friday, 10.30am – 2.30pm. Visit during weekends can be arranged by appointment only. For more information please visit   Metaxas Wine Estate.

Gentilini winery located in Minies, within 10 km from Filo elias on the way to Argostoli.  Wine tasting and guided tours can be arranged upon request contacting the owners. For more information please visit

Walking, hiking and cycling

The magnificent scenery of the island can be best enjoyed on foot, and Kefalonia remains a popular destination for walking and hiking enthusiasts. Follow the tracks and ancient paths that crisscross the island, and discover the delights of Kefalonias’ wildlife and flora, as well as an insight into the history of the area.
Mount Ainos is the place to go to view the beautiful Island of Kefalonia and enjoy its paths. Drive up the mountain and park you car to go on foot. Come and meet the wild horses that are habitat there, a species unfortunately threatened with extinction. They belong to the genus of the Pindos horse and are small, strong and have great powers of endurance.


The island hosts many feasts, festivals and religious and cultural events throughout the year, with most taking place during the summer. Join in the celebrations during events such as the Robola Wine Festival, the Feasts of the Virgin Mary meeting the snakes coming to village on the 15th of August and Agios Gerassimos (Saint Gerassimos) on the 16th of August as well as various music and theatrical festivals.