Filo Elias –

Majestic, green, clean, fascinating and idyllic are only a few words to describe Kefalonia (often written as Cefalonia, Cephalonia or Kefalinia) . Endless gulfs and lacy shores embraced by a limpid, deep-blue sea surround the island. It boasts rugged mountain ranges, rich vineyards, ageless olive groves, soaring costal cliffs, golden beaches, caves and grottoes, monasteries and antiquities. It is an island full of mystery, contrasts and surprises which originate from its hidden beaches, impressive landscapes and warm hospitality.

It is an island of many miracles: on the day of the Virgin Mary, the 15th of August snakes come into the village Markopoulo, blessing the Church of Our Lady with their presence. There is a flower on the island that only blossoms on this day. The patron Saint Gerasimos’ well preserved body is sometimes said to have seaweed on his feet.

The sea water that disappears under the ground at Katavothres and pours out on the other side of the island is another miracle. A paradise for nature lovers, this lush island has a special kind of fir, which grows only here. There are wild horses on the mountainside, and goats and rabbits with golden teeth because of the minerals in the ground. In the sea swims the turtle caretta-caretta, dolphins and the monk seal monachus-monachus, and the waters of the island are considered amongst the cleanest in the world. Marvellous beaches, an underground cave and lake of Melisanni, the tomb of Odysseus, the fishing village Fiscardo, the Robola and Calliga wines, Lord Byron’s view… Kefalonia is truly an island of much variety.

As a holiday destination Kefalonia is ideal for a refine taste of travelers, ready to take the best of its colors – from brilliant light and tasteful rustic to biggest variety of aquamarine blue and rich mountain green.